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Mockingbird Doc Club: The Rest Is History - The Early Days Of Drum & Bass

141 mins | rated 15

From the days of illegal raves to the dark club sounds of Optical and Ed Rush, The Rest Is History is a look back at the early years of Jungle and Drum & Bass music, how it developed, and the culture that surrounded it. With interviews from some of the original pioneers (Micky Finn, Ray Keith, Dillinja, Ragga Twins, Paul Ibiza, G.Q,) the viewers get an intimate look into the creation of this beloved underground art form and its continued legacy like never before.

Director Peter Costigan – himself a musician, recording and DJing as Stickbubbly – marshals an impressive array of archive footage to take this underground story overground on film for the first time. Interviews with pioneers such as Micky Finn, Ray Keith, Dillinja, Ragga Twins, Paul Ibiza, Optical and MC Fearless add unique insights. And then there’s the music itself, every bit as exhilarating as when it was first heard in the 1990s.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Peter Costigan.

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17 August 2022
7:00 pm
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