Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Johnny Castle - Dirty Dancing


72 mins | rated 15

A final chance to see one of Flatpack’s BAFTA-qualifying short film programmes from this year’s festival.
Full to the brim with striking style and smart concepts, this selection of short films amuse, surprise and mesmerise.
Dive into psychedelic paradise with the wonderful animation Goodbye Jérôme!. Then journey to Point Nemo, the most remote location on the planet (and a cemetery for space objects) in the fascinating film essay The Empty Sphere.
Other dizzying delights in this programme include the reflections of an existentialist tennis ball (Tennis Ball on His Day Off, by the creator of Flatpack fave Bloop's Birthday) and for the grand finale, the exuberant MeTube 3: August Sings “Una Furtiva Lagrima” is the opera-tribute you didn't know you needed.


Goodbye Jérôme!
(Dir: Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard, Chloé Farr, France 2021, 8 mins)

Arrest in Flight
(Dir: Adrian Flury, Switzerland 2021, 8 mins)

The Empty Sphere
(Dir: Stéphanie Roland, France 2022, 19 mins)

Tennis Ball on His Day Off
(Dir: Julian Glander, US 2021, 3 mins)

(Dir: Timothy David Orme, US 2021, 9 mins)

Another Presence
(Dir: Simon Ball, UK 2022, 12 mins)

Man or Tree
(Dir: Varun Raman, Tom Hancock, UK 2021, 4 mins)

MeTube 3: August Sings “Una Furtiva Lagrima”
(Dir: Daniel Moshel, Austria 2020, 10 mins)

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23 May 2022
5:30 pm
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