We all go a little mad sometimes.

Norman Bates - Psycho 1960


67 mins | rated 15

A final chance to see one of Flatpack’s BAFTA-qualifying short film programmes from this year’s festival.

What makes us who we are? And what traces do we leave behind?
These animated stories about connection explore a broad spectrum of relationships. A mother reflects on raising a child in a country that doesn't feel like home (On the surface); a boy rediscovers his grandmother through a folk song she recorded when she was young (Charlotte) and a girl says farewell to the neighbourhood she grew up in (Bye Little Block!).

We’re also very excited to see the return of Joanna Quinn’s cheeky and loveable character Beryl in the Oscar-nominated Affairs of the Art!


Affairs of the Art
(Dir: Joanna Quinn, UK 2021, 16 mins)

On the Surface
(Dir: Fan Sissoko, Iceland 2021, 4 mins)

Bye Little Block!
(Dir: Éva Darabos, Hungary 2020, 9 mins)

(Dir: Steven Fraser, UK 2021, 10 mins)

Something in the Garden
(Dir: Marcos Sanchez, Chile 2021, 6 mins)

Girl in the Water
(Dir: Shi-Rou Huang, Taiwan 2021, 7 mins)

(Dir: Lilli Carré, US 2021, 2 mins)

(Dir: Zach Dorn, US 2021, 12 mins)

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23 May 2022
7:30 pm
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