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Travis Bickle - Taxi Driver


81 mins | rated 15

A final chance to see one of Flatpack’s BAFTA-qualifying short film programmes from this year’s festival.

In a quest for a more peaceful life, the characters in this programme navigate obstacles while journeying across the sea, across the street, or across the divide…
The captivating animated documentary Freedom Swimmer recounts one man’s swim from China to Hong-Kong during the cultural revolution. A community facing eviction comes together in the powerful Hanging On. And the brutally honest memories of four Slovenian women and their relationships to men are shared in Granny's Sexual Life.

More sweet and tender are The Dog with Wings (7) and Forest Coal Pit. The former subtly tries to bridge the generation gap while the latter presents a sweet portrait of two elderly brothers who might just hold the secret recipe for a happy life - sure to put a smile on your face.


Freedom Swimmer
(Dir: Olivia Martin-McGuire, UK 2021, 15 mins)

Elephant in Castle
(Dir: Florence Yuk Ki Lee, Hong Kong 2021, 4 mins)

Hanging On
(Dir: Alfie Barker, UK 2021, 10 mins)

Dinner’s Ready
(Dir: Yuan Li Elizabeth Xu, US 2022, 4 mins)

Granny’s Sexual Life
(Dir: Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard, Slovenia 2021, 14 mins)

The Dog with Wings (7)
(Dir: Sanjana Chandrasekhar, UK 2020, 4 mins)

Listen to the Beat of our Images
(Dir: Audrey Jean-Baptiste and Maxime Jean-Baptiste, French Guiana, France 2021, 15 mins)

Forest Coal Pit
(Dir: Siôn Marshall-Waters, UK 2021, 15 mins)

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25 May 2022
5:15 pm
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