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Flatpack Festival: Short Film Competition: Otherworlds

90 mins | rated 15

As a species, we are spending longer and longer with our minds elsewhere, and the same is certainly true of the characters in this shorts programme. Whether you’re a delivery driver searching for aliens in the Big Apple whilst also desperate for the loo (Power Signal), falsifying ancient relics for fame and fortune (The Mysteries of the World), or a video game’s non-playable character just trying to do a hard day’s graft (Hardly Working), there’s something here for everyone with their head up in the clouds.

Power Signal (dir: Oscar Boyson, USA 2022, 20 mins)

To Do (dir: Saul Pankhurst, UK 2022, 3 mins)

Cerro Saturno (dir: Miguel Hilari, Bolivia 2023, 13 mins)

Where is Ornicar? (dir: Oscar Maso y Guell Rivet, France 2022, 6 mins)

Mysteries of the World (dir: Mariano Luque, Argentina 2022, 17 mins)

Architect’s Cruise (dir: Simon Hamlyn, UK 2022, 2 mins)

Hardly Working (dir: Total Refusal, Austria 2022, 20 mins)

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