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Flatpack Festival: Scarred for Life: Cold War Special

150 mins | rated 18

Were your childhood nightmares fuelled by nuclear paranoia? Do you still flinch at memories of Threads, When the Wind Blows and Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Two Tribes’? Stephen Brotherstone and Dave Lawrence, writers of the acclaimed Scarred For Life books, join columnist Bob Fischer to discuss the lingering legacy of a 1980s childhood spent in the shadow of the mushroom cloud.

Since 2017, Scarred for Life has been expertly chronicling the terrifying popular culture of the 1970s and ‘80s through a series of acclaimed books. In this special show, they’ll be focusing exclusively on the horrors of nuclear war - as depicted through the TV, movies, pop music and even board games of the era. This warm-hearted onstage discussion and Q&A will act as a support group for anyone who ever lay awake at 3am, nervously clutching a Terrahawks duvet and worrying about the outcome of disarmament talks in Reykjavik.

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