Only after disaster can we be resurrected.

Tyler Durden - Fight Club

Flatpack Festival: Deeply Ordered Chaos

90 mins | rated 15

Who doesn’t want to watch Francis Bacon drink stiff Melvyn Bragg under the table? This is the most famous episode of ‘The South Bank Show’: Bacon ties Bragg in knots as the two

reflect on his incredible career, culminating in Soho’s renowned drinking dens, surrounded by the hoi polloi. Watch one of the world’s greatest artists at his eccentric best.

Homecoming: A Film About Ajamu follows the photographer Ajamu X in and around Brixton in the mid-’90s as he prepares for an exhibition in his hometown of Huddersfield – expect to see activist Michael Cadette and cultural theorist Stuart Hall. Both films profile the lives of exceptional artists, one nearing the end of his career and one at the beginning, each offering a glimpse into their community and thought processes, intercut with photographs and material related to their influential works.

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