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Bart - Blazing Saddles

The Fighting Spirit Film Festival Presents: The Bruce Lee Marathon // 11.30am - 11pm

428 mins | rated 18

The Fighting Spirit Film Festival Presents: The Bruce Lee Marathon

Event 11.30am - 11pm


12:00 -14:15

Intro by Andrew Staton
No Girls in the Dojo (14min)
Game of Death (100min)

15 min break

14:30- 16:45

Phil Gillon intro
Haste (5min)
Bullet for Vengeance (16min)
Fist of Fury (106min)

30 min break

17:15 - 18:00

Fsff Weng Yu and Mike Parkin talks with local film maker.

Teen Gohan is the alias of Birmingham born film maker and musician Bradley Shemmell, now based in London. He has directed several short films including boxing drama The Fight, action horror Stalkers and action comedy Lucky Xiang, all of which premiered at Fighting Spirit Film Festival. Lucky Xiang won Best British Short Film Cinematography and Best Actor at Fighting Spirit Film Festival in 2022. FSFF is credited by Teen Gohan for their continued support and active role in the martial arts filmmaking community in the UK to help foster new talent.

15min break

18:15 -20:30

Intro by Matt Routledge
Kickstart My Heart (13min)
Short demo by Abbas
The Big Boss Mandarin cut (110min)

15min break


Intro by Andrew Staton
Episode (12min)
Intro by Colin and Dan and Matt
Combat Zone (4min)
Way Of The Dragon (109min)

23:00 Finish

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