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Withnail - Withnail and I

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25 May 2022
5:15 pm
81 minutes

A final chance to see one of Flatpack’s BAFTA-qualifying short film programmes from this year’s…

25 May 2022
5:30 pm
90 minutes

Satoshi Kon's final anime film is a visually stunning, surreal fantasy. A device intended as…

25 May 2022
7:15 pm
30 minutes

Re-Make, Re-model: Plastiktonez’ incredible reinterpretations of cherished popular music landmarks defy the nostalgic response. Plastiktonez…

25 May 2022
7:30 pm
180 minutes

Classic from 2006 by the brilliant David Lynch. Lynch’s hallucinatory vision was in full force…

25 May 2022
8:15 pm
70 minutes

Final opportunity to see Flatpack’s programme of shorts that explore sound, music, and audio in…

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